Adding stock to a warehouse #

If you edit pick item, it will adjust warehouse stock levels for that product.

Decrementing stock from a warehouse #

When using warehousing functionality, stock is decremented from a warehouse when the checkbox on a picklist is checked. If the checkbox on a picklist is not checked, warehouse will not decrement, resulting in errors.

Stocktakes #

To correct erroneous stock levels, a stocktake should be performed.

Other effects on stock levels #

It is worth bearing the following in mind when using warehousing functionality:

  • Deleting a service run or a service of a machine or micromarket will result in re-incrementing warehouse stock levels of the same amount that was picked and decremented.
  • If you create a service but then never complete it, this will have no effect on stock levels in a warehouse.
  • Confirming stock levels does not have an effect warehouse stock levels.

Negative stock levels #

Stock levels may go negative in a warehouse when the setting is turned on.

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