Live transaction machines

A machine can work in two ways:
Live transactions
When a machine is set up to work by dex, it is simple/straightforward and this cannot occur. We recommend enabling dex to all machines for the easiest operation.

When a machine is set up with live transactions, it is more complex and you also need to configure Nayax and Sentry in more detail.

You can see this machine is set up by live transactions by checking its modem:


When this is the case, the way that Sentry works is:
Sales are sent from Nayax to Sentry
Sales are generated in Sentry and products are decremented from planograms based firstly on the PA Code sent from Nayax, or secondly if there is no PA Code, the MDB Code.
You can set these codes in Nayax in the machine product map:


In some machines, PA Codes are generated correctly and match the machine selection numbers. This is where a machine is modern and follows correct MDB-Dex mapping specifications. In older and non-dex machines this does not happen. In these cases you need to set the PA Code in Nayax in order for Sentry to understand the sale; or, alternatively, set the MDB Code. We recommend setting up the PA Codes. These are basically the machine’s selections (e.g. 10, 11, 12, 20, 21, 22).

Even if you were only using Nayax, this setup is still required when running a machine on live transactions instead of dex – it is just how live transactions work – because with dex, you get the entire planogram configuration; with live transactions, you do not.

The reason why the sales list shows ‘Unknown product’ is because Sentry is receiving sales from Nayax where the PA Code or MDB Code is ‘0’ – you can see this in the sales list. There is no way for Sentry to know what selection this is if Nayax is not configured correctly to send a correct PA Code / selection.

I suspect the reason why the picklist was wrong is essentially because the product map is not configured in Nayax, and so sales in Sentry are being created for the wrong selections. If you configure Nayax’s product map, it should fix this.

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