Vending machine quick start guide

This guide explains how to get started with Sentry with a dex-enabled vending machine.

Get a machine to communicate with Sentry #

To get started, get a machine to communicate with Sentry.

Getting your vending machine to communicate with Sentry will depend on the modem / credit card reader on the machine.

Set up your machine from the communication device in Sentry #

The next step is to set up your machine in Sentry. The recommended way for setting up vending machines is to set them up after a communication device has dialled into Sentry.

To do so, navigate to your communication devices page:

Once your vending machine has communicated with Sentry, it should appear in this list. Once it appears, you will see it identified by a unique modem number. Click on this number to take you to the detailed communication device page.

From this page, press the button ‘Set up machine from device’. This will take you to the machine creator form.

On the machine creator form, enter information about the vending machine, such as a unique asset ID. Bear in mind the following:

  • Asset ID: Each machine must have a unique asset ID, for example, ‘Machine-1’.
  • Route: For the first machine you set up, add a route for the machine. A route is just a collection of machines. Example types of routes might be:
    • Based on a driver (for example, ‘John’s route’);
    • Based on a geographic region (for example, ‘North route’);
    • Generic in nature (for example, ‘Route 1’).
  • Location: It is recommended to create a location for a machine when creating the machine. Press the ‘Create new location’ button and complete the location creator form to create a location for the machine.

Once you have filled out the machine creator form, press ‘Create machine’ to submit the form. This will create the machine.

Planning a service run #

In order to service machines, you must first plan a service run. Planning a service run allows you to select which machines to service, and generate a picklist for those machines.

To plan a service run, hover over the ‘Routes’ menu at the top of the page, then hover over the route that you want to plan a service run for, then press ‘Create service run’:

This will open the service run creator form.

In the service run creator, there are two required fields to create a service run:

  1. A date for the service run; and
  2. Machines you want to service.

To set these, click on the checkboxes under ‘Planned’ to select machines which you would like to be planned for service.

Click on ‘Select a date’ to select the date for the service run.

These are shown in the following screenshot:

Once you have selected at least one machine, and a date, you can then create the service run by pressing ‘Create service run’.

Completing a service run #

Service runs are completed using the SentryMobile app. You can download the SentryMobile app here:


Once logged in, you will see your created service run. Clicking on it will show the machines in your service run:

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