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The short and simple reason is because that service run was planned for another day (3 May) and the fill dex was received today (4 May). We match fill dex to runs on a date-basis – this enables a variety of extra functionality, e.g. planning multiple runs for the same machine at the same time (then if we did not match on a date-basis, there would be no way to know which service the fill dex ‘belongs’ to).
Looks like the first two machines on that run were serviced yesterday – in this case, it would be better essentially to remove the later two machines and add them to a new run on the following day.

Confirming stock levels #

Confirming stock levels is a stocktake process. It is used to set the correct quantities of products in a machine/market after stocking the machine/market.

The process for confirming stock levels is simply for the driver/stockist to count all items in a machine or market, and then in the mobile app, to press the ‘Confirm stock levels’ button.

What happens if somebody buys a product during the confirm stock levels process?

It is best practice to stop anybody from using a machine or market when stocking it, and when confirming stock levels. This will help to avoid any incorrect calculations.

However, if this cannot be avoided, and somebody makes a purchase during the stocktake process, the correct approach is:

  1. If the product that is purchased has already been counted, use the counted value.
  2. If the product that is purchased has not yet been counted, add this back to the final value.

To give an example:

  • A stockist completes stocking a market, and presses the manual restock button in the mobile app.
  • At this point, there are 8 waters in the market.
  • While counting stock, a customer buys a water. There are now 7 waters left in the market.
  • The correct value in this scenario to record as the confirmed number of waters is 8 (add back the 1 that was purchased).

The reason for this is that the confirm stock levels process compares the confirmed quantities against the quantities expected to be in the machine/market when the restock is processed.

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